Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sunday Stuff

And once again I'm studying on sunday. My family is going to see the Avengers later and I have to stay home :(

Made cupcakes with my family on thursday, They were delicious ^^

This week was a little slow on reviews and I haven't read much unfortunately.

I do expect to finish Pandemonium tomorrow so that review will be coming soon.

I did some short reviews on the books I read in the vacation. I liked them all a lot, so check them out!

Links I've loved:

A compilation of films that were released in 2011. I'm a huge movie fan and I could identify almost every movie in the clip. Many awesome movies and a few I didn't like so much overall a good selection :)

“Dysfunctional Families”: On YA and Responsible Parenting
Article on Cuddlebuggery. It's astounding how little parents are involved in the lives of their children in YA books, especially because your parents have a huge influence on your life.

New episode of Game of Thrones tomorrow *starts fangirling*!


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