Monday, 21 May 2012

Monday Moaning

Well let's start with the good thing today. The sun is shining :)
That's pretty rare over here and a lot of people were sitting outside in the sun during break time.

So much studying!!!

As for my reading I'm halfway done with Pandemonium and I will finish it tomorrow (I really really hope so).

I have this really thick book (900 page) I need to read for Dutch Literature class so that interferes with my normal reading. It's not bad but it takes a lot of time to get through.

It took a long while...
Other ones I'm still reading are the Gargoyle. I also want to start Looking for Alibrandi later this week. I've been anticipating that book for more than a year :)


  1. I hear you! Our vacation is coming to an end too so I'll be back to studying as well very very soon. *shivers*

    1. Poor you. Any sort of personal life seems to end in the last weeks before the summervacation :(

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