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I'm terrible at writing things about myself so I'm going to interview myself (something I once did in school and I hated).

Interviewer: Hello, can you tell me some basic information about yourself?

Me: Hi, I'm Rosanne although my friends call me Roos. I'm sixteen years old and to me it seems like I've been reading forever. I come from the Netherlands but almost everything I read is English. I started reading English a few years ago. Part of what I want to achieve with this blog is improving my English writing and comprehension skills.

I: What else do you want to achieve with this blog?

M: Well, I love talking about books and giving my own opinion. This seemed like a perfect way to do both. I've been observing -read: stalking- the YA community from afar for awhile and despite the drama sometimes they seem like awesome people who genuinely love books. I really wanted to participate and that's another reason why I started this blog. I hope to share my favorite books with other people and discover many more along the way.

I: What genres do you read?

M: I will read basically anything that has a good story and good characters. So that can be Fantasy, Fiction Literature, Romance, Historicals, Thrillers, Detectives, Classics, Chick-lit, Horror, Science-Fiction, Steampunk, Urban Fantasy, Contemporary, Paranormalk, Non-Fiction and ofcourse YA.  Usually it's a mix of them.

I: And what genres do you review?

M: I review mostly YA, paranormal and Urban Fantasy, Fantasy and maybe some Classics and Literature if I have a strong opinion about it.

I: What do you do besides reading?

M: I adore movies (though usually not based on book movies) and tv-series. Favorites at the moment include Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Friday Night Lights, Game of Thrones, The Avengers and many more. When I'm not putting off the enormous amount of homework I have, I'm meeting with my friends or trying to be sportive so I can continue eating way too much chocolate and fitting into my clothes.   

I: What do look for in a book?

M:  Most important for me in a story are well crafted characters, a good plot and some smarts.
I can't stand bad female characters and abhor co-dependency. I also like male characters that aren't complete assholes but not perfect either.

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