Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sunday Stuff

Since I didn't do anything in the past two days since I got home, I have to do all my homework in one day. God bless procrastination...

So I had a birthday yesterday, I ate too much cake :) I should really start running again but I keep putting it off. Tomorrow my vacation is over and I have to go to school again -.-

Luckily I've got some great books to read and to review.

This week I reviewed Overprotected by Jennifer Laurens which I didn't  like and I'm still working on my review of Gone Gone Gone by Hannah Moskowitz...

Links I've loved:

  • Article about the sexual submission in a.o. The Fifty Shades of Grey book and how apperently some people think that the succes Fifty Shades is the ulitmate proof that women secretly want to be dominated all the time... Now I'm not a fan of the book but that's just stupid.

Favorite quotes of the week:

I quote others only to better express myself.
Michel de Montaigne (The Complete Essays)

Human minds yield helplessly to the suction of story. No matter how hard we concentrate, no matter how deep we dig in our heels, we just can’t resist the gravity of alternate worlds.
How humans became the storytelling animal. (via explore-blog)

Not to get all philosophical, but what is reality anyway, when no two people can ever see the same thing in exactly the same way? Reality is a lot more subjective than people like to think it is.
Jessica Darling, in Megan McCaffery’s ‘Second Helpings’


A picure from time gone by. This is the Vienna Opera Court around 1902. (Credit)

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