Saturday, 28 April 2012

Sunday Stuff

I've now been blogging for the whole of  4(!) days and I've discovered many new things.

First I want to mention how hard it is and I really respect all those bloggers out there who keep creating wonderful content. But it's actually an aspect I really like because because when something finally works I stand up and do a little yes-I-did-it dance and that's very rewarding. I've found many more exciting blogs which gave me a slight inferiority complex.

The Blogger 101 tips from came in very handy. For all the upstarting bloggers out there, take a look.

But all in all I think it's been a good week. My vacation has started and I'm going to Vienna in a couple of hours. Never been there and can't wait to find the bookstores over there ;)

Saw the Avengers movie on Friday and it was awesome. Pefectly cast and very funny, Josh Whedon doesn't disappoint. I also found out today that Josh Whedon is currently filming Much Ado About Nothing which is my favorite Shakespeare play with another favourite, Nathan Fillion. Can't wait!
Also I have a crush on Hawkeye aka Jeremy Renner ;)

Links I've Loved:

How popular hits by Katy Perry and Rihanna get made. Very intersting process and not at all what I expected.  Stargate and Ester Dean, Making Music Hits : The New Yorker

The original muppet pitch by Jim Henson. The Muppet Show is one of my favorite television shows ever and I still watch "A Muppet Christmas Carol" every year. Jim Henson's Original Pitch for The Muppet Show Is a Thing of Beauty

Interesting article by about cover trends in the YA world and what message it's sending to girls. Stacked: Cover Trends & The Female Body

Kat Kennedy from the Cuddlebuggery gives a good assessment on how to move on after the plagiarising scandal at the Story Siren. I didn't read her site before and I certainly won't now. Book Bloggers Plagiarising | Cuddlebuggery Book Blog

And saving the best for last. This awesome video made it on the web a few weeks back and I adore it!

That was it for this week. Check back often for new reviews and other bookish stuff.

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